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Welcome to 


The Story of Artemisia Gentileschi and the Women who Inspired Her

Welcome to Our 2022-2023 Season!


A Message from Our Artistic Director, Amelia LeClair


At its core, Cappella Clausura's mission has always been about illuminating the contributions of historical women. While this work typically focuses on female composers, we are thrilled by this opportunity to put two vibrantly talented artists in conversation with each other: Baroque Italian painter Artemisia Gentileschi and Baroque French composer Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre. With Artemisia we delve not only into these women's lives, but into the stories that inspired their art. During Women's History Month, we are proud to present a story by women about women.

We're so glad to have you with us as we continue our 19th season. Thank you for being a valued member of our community. Enjoy the program!

Artemisia Program

This program was made possible by program sponsors Helen A Berger and John Wolff. Thank you for helping us uplift works by women!

Blood Water Paint by Joy McCullough

Cantatas by Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre

Act 1

Recit. #1

Scene 1

Air #1

Scene 2

Recit. #2

Scene 3

Air #2

Scene 4

Recit. #3

Scene 5

Recit. Mesuré

Air #3

Scene 6

Act 2

Recit. #1

Scene 7

Air #1

Scene 8

Recit. #2

Scene 9

Simphonie "Sommeil"

Scene 10

Recit. Mesuré

Scene 11

"De mouvement et marqué"

Air #2

Scene 12

Recit #3

Scene 13

Air #3

Featured Paintings by Artemisia Gentileschi

Self-Portrait as a Lute Player (1615)

Madonna & Child (1610)

Susanna & the Elders (1610)

Susanna & the Elders (1622)

Susanna & the Elders (1649)

Judith Slaying Holofernes (1612)

Judith Slaying Holofernes (1620)

Judith & Her Maidservant (1618)

Judith & Her Maidservant (1625)

Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting (1638)

Meet Our Artists


Lauren Foster– Artemisia Gentileschi

Anna Stenberg– Judith

Abby Strayer– Prudenzia/Abra/Rebecca

Alex Alexander– Susanna

Dave Rich– Orazio Gentileschi/Judge/Daniel/Elder 1

Matt Crawford– Agostino Tassi/Holofernes/Elder 2


Janet Stone, soprano

Laura Thomas, soprano

Frank Campofelice, tenor

Thomas Valle-Hoag, baritone

Catherine Liddell, theorbo

Laura Jeppesen, gamba

Frances Fitch, harpsichord

Alison La Rosa, traverso

Production Team

Amelia LeClair– Artistic Director

Anna Stenberg– Director

Leslie Held– Costume Designer

Joel Lawitts– Sound Technician

Sheldon Ross– Stage Manager

Abby Lass– Intimacy Coordinator

Special Thanks

Brooke Stanton at Brandeis University

Melissa and Bernie Bernstein

Martha Bancroft

Join Us for the Grand Finale of our 2022-2023 Season!


Three Women

The Boston Women's Memorial is celebrating its 20th anniversary! We're thrilled to be ringing in this momentous occasion with newly commissioned music and lectures from local artists, historians, and politicians. We hope you'll join us for this joyous opportunity to remember the ladies who have shaped Boston's history! 


May 7, 2023

Emmanuel Church, Boston

Chip in to support the GoFundMe for the event today!

Land Acknowledgement

All of Cappella Clausura’s work and performances take place on Indigenous Lands. As an ensemble based in the Greater Boston area, we are on the traditional and ancestral homeland of the Massachusett, Pawtucket, Pokanoket, and Wampanoag Nations. We make this acknowledgement to offer recognition and respect to the original inhabitants of this place and to their descendants today, especially since the Indigenous history of this area has been erased for four hundred years. We ask our audiences to join us as we continue to learn about the history of this land and provide support for Indigenous communities.


Click here to learn more about our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Women composers deserve their place in the canon. Cappella Clausura is making it happen.

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Meet the Cappella Clausura Team


Amelia LeClair

Artistic Director


Abby Lass

Executive Director

Board of Directors

Robin Stein, President
Martha Bancroft, Vice-President
Urban Larson, Treasurer
Abby Rosenberg, Clerk
Shannon Larkin, Chorus Rep
Helen Berger

Harold Dufour
Amelia LeClair

Jim Merola
John Wolff

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