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Cappella Clausura is one of a handful of ensembles worldwide dedicated to performing and recording the music of women composers. We can’t do this work without you.

 If you’re able, please consider making a donation of any amount that feels meaningful to you. Your contribution will allow us to bring this extraordinary repertoire to an ever-widening audience and finally give these composers the attention they deserve.

Cappella Clausura is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and greatly appreciated. Secure online donations may be made below.

Artistic Director Amelia LeClair hugs composer Elena Ruehr after a concert.

Send checks to: PO Box 600542, Newtonville, MA 02460


Interested in giving stock?

Cappella Clausura now offers a tax deductible asset account for donors who wish to give in stocks or bonds and avoid capital gains while also claiming a tax deduction. This is a very attractive choice for donors and it is easier than you might think!


Please contact Treasurer Peter Pulsifer to learn more about this option.

Phone: (781) 307-7149

This December, consider making use of your IRA Charitable Rollover!

With the holiday season and the end of the calendar year fast approaching, now is an ideal time to make a gift from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Your IRA Charitable Rollover allows you to directly support nonprofits like Cappella Clausura without being taxed on your contribution!

If you are age 70½ or older, you can contribute up to $100,000 per year from your IRA to a qualified charitable organization without being taxed on the distribution. Additionally, the IRA charitable rollover can satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD), if applicable.

To learn more, please contact your IRA administrator for distribution forms and requirements. In order to ensure that your gift will count toward your 2022 requirement, please remember to complete your distribution by December 31. Please contact Treasurer Urban Larson to learn more about this option.

We Can't Do It Without You!

Cappella Clausura is built on the foundation of our volunteers– without them, the magic of each concert could not happen.


Our volunteer corps supports our mission at every level: ushering, typing concert texts, stuffing mailings, videotaping concerts, hanging signs, and more. We’re always glad to offer complimentary tickets as a thank you!


Want to join our community of volunteers? Contact Elizabeth Moore at

Photo: Sam Brewer

Join Our Community of Donors!

Sui Generis ($2,500+)

Sponsors ($100+)


Newton Cultural Council

Village Bank

Julian Bullitt

Helen Berger and John H Wolff

Thomas Kane

Amelia LeClair and Garrow Throop

Barbara Lee

Jim Merola & Harold Dufour

Generis ($1,000+)


Cambridge Community Foundation

Choral Arts New England

Newton Community Pride


Martha Hatch Bancroft

Fredie Kay

Kathleen M. Fay & Glenn Knickrehm

Steven Finch & Nancy Armstrong

Newton Theatre Company

Abby Rosenberg

Elena Ruehr

Robin Stein

Hilary Tann

Donna Ward

Julia Throop Zeigler

Magna Sponsors ($500+)



Arleen Kulin

Susan Avery

Melissa & Bernie Bernstein

David and Lora Brody

Gloria Gavris

The Hyde Community Center

Shannon Larkin

Janet & Craig McLanahan

Arthur & Andrea Waldstein

Cum Laude Sponsors ($250+)

Pamela Adelman

Debra Anderson

Dorothy Anger


Michael Benn

Elaine Bresnick

Bonnie & Walter Carter

David Chosiad & Paula Thompson

Brian Cron

Barbara Deck

Vilunya Diskin

Janet Freedman

Carole Friedman

Ruthanne Fuller

Margaret Geller

Gary Gengo

Sybil Hebb

Wanda Hendrix

Katherine Hesse

Elizabeth Ingram

Laura Jeppesen and Daniel Stepner

Maryanne King

Patricia Krol

Dan Kunitz

Sheila B. Lalwani

Lori and Eric Lass

Isabella LeClair

Laurie LeClair

Susan Leeming

Bill Leitch

Jud Leonard

Deborah Levey and Crispin Weinberg

Michael A Miller

Ruth Nemzoff

Bettina Norton

Louise Oremland

Frances Osman

David Park

Annette Reece

Adriana Repetto Mead

Benedict Rice

Patsy Rogers

Lewis Rosenberg

Andrea Rosenthal

Wendy M Schwartz

Jean Smith

Joseph Spurio

Kincade Webb

John Whitmarsh

Jim Wieder

Susan Williams

Laura Zoll

Aline Benoit

Barbara Brousal-Glaser

Cheryl Brown-Greene

Susan Callaghan

Marie Canaves

Simon Carrington

James Carter

Holly Clarke-McAlary

Kathleen Clute

Julian Cole

Mary Collier

Rebecca Crivello

Katherine Dibble

Reva Dolovowsky

Anne Dugan

Deborah Dunmire

Joshua Fine

Cathy Freedberg

Paula Gannon

Edward Ginsberg

Helaine Golann

Richard Greene

Martin Graetz

Ellen P. Honnet

Constance Huff

Joseph Hunter

Thomas Jacobs

Allison Jadwiga 

Ronald L Jantzen

Jennifer Kaplan

Susie Kuzma

Linda Lachman

Sarah Leaf

Harold Lichtin

Jonathan Lilienfeld

Na'ama Lion

Jean MacRae

Davida Manon

Jean McCrae

Mary McShane

Daniel Meagher

Lynn Menegon

Kathy Millstein

Susan Miron

Linda Morrison

Julie A Nelson

Bettina Norton

James O’Hare

Lucy O’Mara

Mary Ann Pappanikou

Carol Patey

Lee Post

Doshie Powers

Elizabeth Purcell

Carole Robinson

Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Rosie Rosenzweig

Courtney Rowe

Georgina Arrieta Ruetenik

Spencer Films

Mary Stokey

Beverly Strauss

Rich Stroshane

Pam Swing

Charles Turner

Margaret Woodward

Karen Worth

William Vallee

Marc Vilain

Bernard Ziomkiewicz

Elizabeth Bailey

Jean Farrington

Network for Good

Fred Hoffman

Adrienne Knudsen

Barbara Krakow

Ron and Lenore Lass

Margaret Lias

Catherine Liddell

Michael McDonald

Annette Miller

Teresa Myers

David Montanari and Sara Rubin

Robert Novellin

Andrew O'Connell

Sanford Rosenzweig

Patricia Sheppard & Thomas Mikelson

Vaughn Sills

Donna Sirutis

William Stewart

And a special thanks to all those who donate at our events using our Dipjar!

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