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"... I am thrilled, both performances were gifts to me..."
"...transcendent! The best yet..."
"... best concert ... ever heard!"
"Thank you...for making this your life's work."
"...wonderful concert...a lovely array of music. I was particularly struck by the ...instruments underneath the chant line. ... beautiful, meditative sound."

"...tears fell silently..."

"This was a marvelous performance. Strong singers, subtle instrumental accompaniment, very creative and artistic program. A combination of music from the middle ages through to contemporary, living composers, all interwoven seamlessly.



"So, so beautiful! The voices, the choreography, the music, the pacing….. I came out with my blood pressure many points lower and my happiness quotient much higher."

"This concert was truly beautiful--it was magical. The voices, the choice of music, the singers all in red and black, and their careful movement around the church and us-and then the last piece--a Benediction on the audience sung from the above. It brought peace and joy. I have attended a number of Amelia's concerts but this was the most moving and beautiful--a shining gem of an evening."

"spectacular program this weekend. Concept and performance were exciting and moving.  Don't miss her next concert, March 18-19. A great oasis in this time of turmoil."

"The gorgeous chant was deeply satisfying to this ex-Catholic who grew up attending Benedictine parochial school with daily mass in Latin. The instrumental music took me back to my college days attending summer concerts of recorded medieval music at the Cloisters. So for me this was like Proust's eating the madeleine, with the difference that your madeleine revealed to me that the madeleines of my youth were packaged cookies!
You are truly a genius as scholar and artist  and director and I wish that music lovers beyond Greater Boston could hear Cappella Clausura and share the joy you bring to your lucky audiences."


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