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Jamie Chelel

Jamie Headshot (1).jpeg

Mezzo-soprano and educator Jamie Chelel is a New Jersey native currently based in Boston, MA. She is a member of the Nightingale Vocal Ensemble, Cappella Clausura, and The Boston Cecilia. Additionally, she serves as a Choral Fellow at Old South Church in Boston, and as a cantor at St. Joseph’s Church in the West End. Beyond these regular engagements, Jamie has recently lent her voice to groups such as the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra (Faust), NEMPAC Opera Project (Don Giovanni), Boston Opera Collaborative (La Bohème), and Kadence Ensemble (Flow Through). She completed her training at Boston Conservatory at Berklee and continues to be a life-long learner, as evidenced by her fierce Duolingo streak and ever-evolving stack of books-in-progress. Offstage, Jamie can be found at the MIT Edgerton Center K-12 Maker Lab, where she creates resources and learning experiences for educators to bring hands-on learning into any classroom.

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