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Nancy Hurrell is a well-known harpist who enjoys playing a wide variety of music. She is equally at home performing for a corporate event, a concert with a choir, or a recital featuring historical harps. Nancy was harpist for Tea at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston for five years and has a diverse repertoire, playing classical, popular, jazz standards, Renaissance and Irish music. She has performed for diplomats and distinguished guests, including HRH Prince Edward, Princess Cristina of Spain, First Lady Laura Bush, Senator Ted Kennedy, and the Consul General of Ireland.

Audiences from Montreal to Tennessee have enjoyed her Harp Tapestry concerts featuring a diverse array of historical harps and music from ancient to modern times. She has appeared at numerous festivals including: Boston Early Music Festival, Amherst Early Music Festival, ICONS (Irish Connections), UK Harp Festival and Somerset Harp Festivals. Nancy has several solo and ensemble recordings, and her books of harp arrangements are popular with players around the world. 

In Boston, Nancy is a harp consultant at the Museum of Fine Arts, presenting gallery talks and recording soundfiles on harps in the collection. She is a member of the harp faculty at the Boston Conservatory, and she performs and teaches at conferences across the US, Canada, Britain, and Ireland. Through her concerts, lectures and recordings, Nancy continues to be a pioneering force in promoting the versatile harp and its music.

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