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A Collection of A Cappella Works Spanning 400 Years Featuring Guest Artists George Lernis,

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A Collection of A Cappella Works Spanning 400 Years

2021-2022: Our CHRYSALIS Season

Join us this May for


This stunning program features a blend of new work and music that has been too long overlooked. Experience world premieres by Elena Ruehr and Amelia LeClair alongside music by the outstanding Lili Boulanger, all performed by our stellar ensemble and accompanied by a string orchestra.

May 14th & 15th

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A Message from Our Artistic Director, Amelia LeClair


After 21 months without in-person concerts, I had plenty of time to think about what our re-emergence would look like. With our CHRYSALIS season, we have rededicated ourselves to our mission of uplifting marginalized members of the musical world and are challenging ourselves to take an intersectional approach to our work. By partnering with new and existing members of our community and making space for conversation and collaboration, we are confident that our ensemble will come back bigger, bolder, and more beautiful than ever before.


We're so glad to be sharing this work with you. Thank you, and enjoy the concert!


Meet Our Artists

Land Acknowledgement

All of Cappella Clausura’s work and performances take place on Indigenous Lands. As an ensemble based in the Greater Boston area, we are on the traditional and ancestral homeland of the Massachusett, Pawtucket, Pokanoket, and Wampanoag Nations. We make this acknowledgement to offer recognition and respect to the original inhabitants of this place and to their descendants today, especially since the Indigenous history of this area has been erased for four hundred years. We ask our audiences to join us as we continue to learn about the history of this land and provide support for Indigenous communities.


Click here to learn more about our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Women composers deserve their place in the canon. Cappella Clausura is making it happen.

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Thank You to the Sponsors of HERSTORY


Enjoy more live music in Newton this spring!


Meet the Cappella Clausura Team


Amelia LeClair

Artistic Director


Abby Lass

Executive Director

Board of Directors

Robin Stein, President
Martha Bancroft, Vice-President
Garrow Throop, Treasurer
Abby Rosenberg, Clerk
Shannon Larkin, Chorus Rep
Helen Berger
Arleen Kulin
Amelia LeClair
John Wolff

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