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"...variety and spontaneity..."


NOVEMBER 2015 Cassandra!  an a cappella opera by Elena Ruehr, with libretto by Gretchen Henderson. Live at Eliot Church, Newton, MA. 


Rebecca Clarke, Aaron Copland and Kassia. Live at Eliot Church, Newton, MA. 


2010 ORDO VIRTUTUM live at Parish of the Messiah,

Auburndale, MA. 

2013 Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel's cantata "HIOB". Live at Parish of the Messiah, Auburndale, MA

2015 Hilary Tann's "IUBILATE DOMINO"

recorded live at Eliot Church, Newton, MA


2014 Vittoria Aleotti's "Lasso, quant io Credei" from her book of 18 madrigals, published 1593 when she was about 14 yrs old.

2013 Isabella Leonarda's "MAGNIFICAT" of mid 17th century for choir and continuo, recorded live University Lutheran, Cambridge, MA

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