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Welcome to Cappella Clausura, your home for all things at the intersection of women and music. Women have always been a part of classical music; it’s our job to make sure the world knows.

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Join us this March for a captivating theatrical event!

Contemporary theatre and 17th-century music combine to create a rich tapestry of interwoven narratives about female resilience. Gain a new perspective on Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi and the women who inspired her.

Blood Water Paint

Play by Joy McCullough

Cantatas by Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre

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Content warning: This program contains descriptions of gore and sexual violence.

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2022-2023 Venues

Saturday Evening Concerts:

War Memorial Auditorium, Newton

Sunday Afternoon Concerts:

Emmanuel Church, Boston

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More Innovative Programming!

A Black woman in Renaissance clothing, including a headdress and frilled collar, looks out against a red background.

Renaissance Portraits


Stunningly reimagined portraits framed by secular music. Featuring works by Barbara Strozzi, Madalena Casulana,Vittoria/ Raffaella Aleotti, and Francesca Caccini.

November, 2022

Guest Conductor Carolina Flores, wearing a white blazer with a blue necklace, smiles against an orange background.

Singer's Choice

A specially curated program conducted by Carolina Flores. Works to be announced.

January, 2023

Artemisia Gentileschi, depicted in a self portrait, moves to touch up a teal background.


A multidisciplinary exploration of the life of the Baroque artist. Featuring works by Elisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre.

March, 2023

Images of the Boston Women's Memorial statues depicting Abigail Adams, Lucy Stone, and Phillis Wheatley against a purple background.

Three Women

A 20th anniversary celebration of the Boston Women's Memorial. Featuring newly commissioned works by Emily Lau, Melika Fitzhugh, and Inés Velasco.

May, 2023


Recognize the meaningful contributions that women have made to the world of classical music.


Reconnect contemporary artists with the complex and often-overlooked history of underrepresented artists in this field.


Reclaim, through courageous and innovative programming, the narrative from which women have been erased.

Reimagine what classical music can be and who can claim a place in the canon.

What We Do

Photo: Sam Brewer

Artistic Director Amelia LeClair, wearing glasses and a gold and black jacket, smiles against a black background.

“We are compelled to undo the erasure of women in the field of classical music. This work is essential because, even today, we don’t know our own history nor women's contributions to it: young women and men don’t learn about the generations of women who contributed to the field of classical music, and so they grow up thinking that female composers are a modern phenomenon.  The next generation of audiences and artists needs role models– not just from yesterday, but from decades and centuries ago. The good news? We have them.”

–Amelia LeClair, Artistic Director

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Photo: Eric Antinou

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You are the reason we’ve made it this far. Through your generous donations and engagement with our virtual programming, you have helped us come back stronger and bolder than ever. We thank you for sticking with us every step of the way and look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Artistic Director Amelia LeClair stands with a group of audience members after our 2019 premiere of Fanny Hensel's "Cholera Contata"

Photo: Sam Brewer

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