Welcome to Cappella Clausura, your home for all things at the intersection of women and music. Women have always been a part of classical music; it’s our job to make sure the world knows.

Celebrate Women's History Month with Cappella Clausura!

This March, we are thrilled to present HER STORY, a program of a cappella works by Fanny Hensel, Clara Schumann, Florence Price, Joan Tower, Gabriela Lena Frank, Augusta Read Thomas, and Sulpitia Cesis.

Featuring Guest Conductor Dr. Ellen Gilson Voth

Spotlight performers to be announced soon!


March 19th at 8 PM | Eliot Church in Newton

March 20th at 4 PM | Emmanuel Church in Boston

Tickets available starting February 22nd

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Although we were forced to cancel our January concert, we're still excited to bring you high-quality performances of works by female composers this winter. Over the course of the next few weeks, we invite you to enjoy our From the Vault series, which will provide you with an opportunity to delve into our catalogue and reacquaint yourself with some of our favorite pieces from the past 18 years.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2004 by choral director Amelia LeClair, award-winning Cappella Clausura is a professional ensemble of vocalists and instrumentalists which brings high-quality performances of music by women into today’s concert halls. With a repertoire spanning more than nine centuries, our mission has four main goals:


Recognize the meaningful contributions that women have made to the world of classical music.


Reconnect contemporary artists with the complex and often-overlooked history of underrepresented artists in this field.


Reclaim, through courageous and innovative programming, the narrative from which women have been erased.

Reimagine what classical music can be and who can claim a place in the canon.

What We Do

Photo: Sam Brewer


“We are compelled to undo the erasure of women in the field of classical music. This work is essential because, even today, women don’t know our history: young women and men don’t learn about the generations of women who contributed to the field of classical music, and so they grow up thinking that female composers are a modern phenomenon.  The next generation of audiences and artists needs role models– not just from yesterday, but from decades and centuries ago. The good news? We have them.”

–Amelia LeClair, Artist Director



Join us for a new season of live performances!

Four Original Programs of Astounding Music

This year, we are proud to crack open the classical canon with a variety of new works by women. With vibrant performances of music spanning continents and centuries, Artistic Director Amelia LeClair will lead our ensemble in a celebration of live, in-person performances.

We invite you to join us for in-person concerts on Saturday evenings at our beloved Eliot Church in Newton, Sunday afternoon concerts at the renowned and COVID-safe Emmanuel Church in Boston, or for our virtual offerings online.

Troubadours 2021

November 13 & 14

Renaissance Portraits

January 15 & 16

Her Story

March 19 & 20

Guest Conducted by Ellen Gilson Voth

Psalms and Requiems

May 14 & 15

“We re-embark with more astounding music from the minds and hearts of brilliant women. This is the most educational and beautiful entertainment you can get!”
–Amelia LeClair, Artistic Director

Photo: Sam Brewer

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Photo: Sam Brewer

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