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Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel

Das Jahr: 12 Characterstucke: No. 7. JulyFanny Mendelssohn Hensel
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Review in UK Guardian by Peter Bradshaw

Piano Keys

Featuring Pianist Lois Shapiro

Warmly acknowledged for her imaginative and insightful performances ("Shapiro produces and inspires musical magic"; "Lois Shapiro conjures enchantment", Boston Globe; "...Lois Shapiro's amazingly opinionated and fresh traversal of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 24 has to be the highlight of the current concert season." The Jewish Advocate), Lois Shapiro has concertized as soloist and collaborative artist throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, and Europe. The broad spectrum of her interests...


Das Jahr – (The Year)

Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel

Lockung - Bmaj - tutti
January - Bmaj attacca
February - F#maj
Im Wald -Amaj - Quartet I
March - F#min
Schone fremde - Em>Emaj - Quartet II
Feldblumen - Emaj - Soli: Janet,LisaB / Shannon,LisaH,Frankie /Janet,LisaB,Fausto,Tom

April - Emaj attacca
May - Amaj
Im herbste - Amaj - Quartet II
June - Dmin
Clara Schumann: Abendfeier - Fmaj - tutti: v 1: I, v 2: II


Der Strauss - Fmaj - Janet, Lisa B
July - Fmaj
Morgengruss - D maj - Quartet I
August - Dmaj>Gmaj
Wandl’ich - Gmaj - Shannon, Lisa H, Frankie
September - Bm
Clara Schumann: Gondoliera - Aflat maj - v 1: II, v 2: I
October - Aflat maj
Clara Schumann: Ich stand - Fmaj - Janet, Shannon, Lisa H, Lisa B, w/ piano
(arr for SA: Agnes Blìn 2020)
November - Fmaj
Schweigend sinkt - Bflat maj - Choir 1 / Choir 2
December - Cmin
Abendlich - Amin - section 1(m1-20): II, section 2(m21-28): I, section 3(m29-end): tutti Nachspiel - Am>Amaj

Quartet I. Shannon Larkin, Lisa Hadley, Fausto Miro, Thomas Valle-Hoag

Quartet II. Janet Stone, Lisa Bloom, Frankie Campofelice, Anthony Garza

Choir 1 Janet Lisa H Fausto Tom
Choir 2 Shannon Lisa B Frankie Tony

Cappella Clausura

Amelia LeClair, Director

Frequently Asked Concert Questions

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Read Das Jahr (The Year)

Program Notes

“Now I’m engaged in another small work that’s giving me much fun, namely a series of 12 piano pieces meant to depict the months.” - Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, letter to August Elsasser (painter).

November 14th is Fanny's Birthday!


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Amelia LeClair

Artistic Director

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Elizabeth Moore

Executive Director

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Peter Pulsifer, Treasurer
Abby Rosenberg, Clerk
Shannon Larkin, Chorus Rep

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Amelia LeClair

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