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Welcome to 


A Twentieth Anniversary Celebration of the Boston Women's Memorial

Welcome to Our 2022-2023 Season!


A Message from Our Artistic Director, Amelia LeClair


Cappella Clausura has never been just about presenting beautiful music written by women. Our goal is always to promote appreciation for the contributions of contemporary and historical women by delivering immersive and inspiring programs. For the final event of our 2023-2024 season, we are honored to have partnered with Mary Smoyer of the Boston Women’s Heritage Trail– a key initiator of this project– and Sculptor Meredith Bergmann, who made the monument, in collaboration with Public Historian Susan Wilson and Fredie Kay of Suffrage100MA. We all hope to deliver a fitting celebration in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Boston Women's Memorial.


With Three Women, we look forward to connecting with our roots and displaying our love for Boston– especially the women who worked and continue to work to make our city what it is.


We're so glad to have you with us as we close out our 19th season. Thank you for being a valued member of our community. Enjoy the concert!


"Estampies #1 and #2"

By Amelia LeClair

"In Principio"

By Patricia Van Ness

Welcome Remarks

By Amelia LeClair

Introductory Video

By Senator Elizabeth Warren

Historical Presentation

From Public Historian Susan Wilson

Memorial Presentation

From Sculptor Meredith Bergmann


By Alexandra Valdez, Executive Director, Boston Office of Women’s Advancement

"Remember the Ladies"

by Inés Velasco

Inspired by Abigail Adams


By State Senator Lydia Edwards

"Imagination - Fancy"

by Melika Fitzhugh

Inspired by Phillis Wheatley


By Jennifer Gregg, President, Boston Women's Heritage Trail

"Hi, I Am Lucy Stone"

By Emily Lau

Inspired by Lucy Stone

"O Deus"

by Hildegard von Bingen

"Priego ad Amore"

by Barbara Strozzi

Closing Remarks

By Fredie Kay, Founder and President, Suffrage100MA

Boston Women's Memorial: A Story in Images

by Melodic Vision

"March of the Women"

by Ethel Smyth

Meet Our Artists


Na'ama Lion, baroque flute & recorder

Nancy Hurrell, harp

Jane Hershey, viola de gamba

Catherine Liddell, theorbo

Mike Williams, percussion

Additional Artists

Ariel Wyner, Video Engineer

Seth Torres, Recording Engineer

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Join Us Next Year for Our Twentieth Season!

Our Producing Partners

The Boston Women's Heritage Trail

The Boston Women’s Heritage Trail (BWHT) seeks to restore women to their rightful place in the history of Boston and in the school curriculum by uncovering, chronicling, and disseminating information about the women who have made lasting contributions to the City of Boston. Founded in 1989, BWHT offers 20 self-guided tours throughout Boston. BWHT is honored to have played a pivotal role in both planning and celebrating the Boston Women's Memorial over the last three decades.



Suffrage100MA is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. Suffrage100MA commemorates the story of the remarkable achievement of the suffragists, including the tireless work and essential contributions of women of color, who were often excluded by white women’s suffrage organizations, and whose role in the suffrage movement has been largely overlooked. In 2023, Suffrage100MA is transitioning to become an online Massachusetts Women’s History Center, with its flagship program, the Massachusetts Women’s Hall of Fame!

Immense gratitude to all of the sponsors who made this program possible!

Barbara Lee • The Village Bank • The Mass Cultural Council • Suffrage100MA • Fredie Kay •

The Boston Women’s Heritage Trail • Helen Berger & John Wolff • Lindman New York •

All Our GoFundMe Contributors


Land Acknowledgement

All of Cappella Clausura’s work and performances take place on Indigenous Lands. As an ensemble based in the Greater Boston area, we are on the traditional and ancestral homeland of the Massachusett, Pawtucket, Pokanoket, and Wampanoag Nations. We make this acknowledgement to offer recognition and respect to the original inhabitants of this place and to their descendants today, especially since the Indigenous history of this area has been erased for four hundred years. We ask our audiences to join us as we continue to learn about the history of this land and provide support for Indigenous communities.


Click here to learn more about our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Women composers deserve their place in the canon. Cappella Clausura is making it happen.

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Meet the Cappella Clausura Team


Amelia LeClair

Artistic Director


Abby Lass

Executive Director

Board of Directors

Robin Stein, President
Martha Bancroft, Vice-President
Urban Larson, Treasurer
Abby Rosenberg, Clerk
Shannon Larkin, Chorus Rep
Helen Berger

Harold Dufour
Amelia LeClair

Jim Merola
John Wolff

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Cappella Clausura Is Seeking New Board Members!

Are you passionate about inclusivity and innovation in the arts?

Are you looking to meet new and interesting people?

Are you curious about how non-profits operate?

You may be just who we're looking for!

Cappella Clausura is working to expand our Board of Directors, starting with our 2022-2023 season! We are searching for diverse and energetic individuals who want to use their skills to uplift our organization and guide it into its next chapter.


Whether your background is in music, finance, marketing, education, activism, or another field entirely, we want to hear from you!

Download our Board Prospect Packet for more details and contact Executive Director Abby Lass

to express your interest.

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